AnyJ The Cross-Platform Java IDE & Source Code Engineering Solution

  • 100 % Java
  • Win32, Solaris and Linux, Mac OS X, any other platform supporting JDK 1.3
  • supports Java 1 and Java 2

What is AnyJ?

AnyJ is a Java IDE written entirely in Java.
Developers of software systems today face a variety of challenges, such as managing large and complex class libraries, team development, communication, and effective re-using and re-engineering of existing source code.
In order to deliver complex applications within tight time-to-market deadlines, developers need flexible and intelligent integrated software engineering tools.

AnyJ has been specifically designed for Java and helps in analysing and understanding complex class libraries. Thorough knowledge of a project’s structure improves productivity in writing, re-engineering, re-using, or maintaining sourcecode. AnyJ includes a powerful customizable editor, library aware, parser backed code completion, various Class Browsers, Swing GUI Builder, JavaBeans support, Servlet support, Debugger, Application Templates.